Prof. Nadine Kuperty-Tsur

Professeur, département d’Histoire générale et programme de culture française, Université de Tel Aviv

My main field of research are the following:

  • the French Memoirs of the Renaissance as a genre and in its interaction with history and historiography (The self as the subject of history, the individual consciousness of the importance of history and the need to inscribe one’s genuine contribution to the National History)
  • The Representation of the Self ( the historical categories and the literary models at work in the French memorialists from Commynes on and Montaigne)
  • Women Writing : finding their voices within or in spite of the masculine frame (Louise Labé, Jeanne d’Albret, Marguerite de Valois and Charlotte Duplessis-Mornay)
  • The Religious wars and their impact on the culture and aesthetics of their time, appearance and meaning of the Baroque (Agrippa d’Aubigné, Monluc, etc)
  • The Representation of Childhood in autobiographies and Memoirs (Benvenuto Cellini, Jérôme Cardan, Henri de Mesmes), the shaping anecdotes of birth and childhood stories, the first success, the social recognition of one’s value, the professional exemptions as proof of precocity and worth
  • Travel stories

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